MP3s and the new Secure Download Service (SDS)

13 May 2011

We'd like to remind you that it's no longer possible to access MP3 files for examinations directly from the Edexcel website with a password, as you could before.

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If you need to access MP3 sound files for use in the listening element of the GCE AS Unit 2A, you will now need to use the new Secure Download Service (SDS). Any MP3 files that are linked to the Edexcel language qualifications for which your centre has made entries will now be made available to download via this service.

(If you don't wish to use the SDS, you may of course use the CD versions of the recordings which have been issued to you).

The new download service gives centres an easy way to access confidential examination material via Edexcel Online.

Your centre administrator will be given access, via Edexcel Online, to download the files 24 hours before the published start time of the examination. If the language examination falls on a Monday, then the files will be made available to your centre on the Friday before.

Centre administrators will have received advance notification of this new service earlier this academic year.


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