15 January 2015

We've made an amendment to the A level English Language Sample Assessment Materials (SAMs) booklet, which was sent to centres in hard copy as part of the A Level English Language specification pack. 

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This amendment affects the wording of Text A for Paper 1 (9EN0/01) on page 23 of the SAMs booklet. The reference to 'koala bears' has been replaced to now reference 'moose having poor vision'.

The fourth bullet of the indicative content on page 31 of the SAMs booklet already referenced moose and has been amended slightly now to fully ensure that the text on page 23 matches the indicative content.

Issue 2 of the SAMs booklet is now on our website.

It was our intention to replace the reference to koala bears in the original version of the text 'The Very Hungry Cirettapillar' to ensure fair access by design. We apologise for any offence that the use of the issue 1 SAMs booklet might have caused. Please use issue 2 of the SAMs booklet to produce practice materials for your students.

If you need further guidance or information please contact Clare Haviland, English Subject Advisor, at teachingenglish@pearson.com.

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