Thank you for registering your interest in the Year 10 exam. Below you will find the list of topics that may be assessed in the exam.

To help you plan your teaching of the new GCSE Science qualifications we’ve got comprehensive 2.5-year, 3-year and 5-year Schemes of Work as well as a Scheme of Work for lower attainers.

The Year 10 exam papers will cover content from the Combined Science specification only. This content will be drawn from Biology 1, Chemistry 1 and Physics 1. However, as some students will have started the course in September 2016, not all topics from these papers will be covered.

A full list of the topics that will be covered is given below.

Topic 1 - Key concepts in Biology
Topic 2 - Cells and control
Topic 3 - Genetics
Topic 4 - Natural selection and genetic modification

Topic 1 - Key concepts in Chemistry
Topic 2 - States of matter and mixtures - States of matter
Topic 2 - States of matter and mixtures - Methods of separating and purifying substances

Topic 1 - Key concepts in Physics
Topic 2 - Motion and forces
Topic 3 - Conservation of energy
Topic 4 - Waves
Topic 5 - Light and the electromagnetic spectrum

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