JCQ General Regulations for Approved Centres (section 5.3) states that centres must manage conflict of interests by: 

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Informing the awarding bodies, before the published deadline for entries, of:

  • any members of centre staff who are taking qualifications at their own centre which include internally assessed components/units
  • any members of centre staff who are teaching and preparing members of their family (which includes step-family, foster family and similar close relationships) or close friends and their immediate family (e.g. son/daughter) for qualifications which include internally assessed components/units.

If you have any queries regarding the Declarations of Interest process please contact us at: conflictofinterest@pearson.com

Awarding bodies must be informed where members of the family (which includes step-family, foster-family and similar close relationships) or household of exams office staff are being entered for examinations and assessments; whether by the centre itself or a different centre.

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Details of the person submitting the declaration

Details of conflict

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If the conflict is not stated above, contact conflictofinterest@pearson.com or refer to JCQ General Regulations for Approved Centres (section 5.3) for guidance.

Staff member taking a qualification at their own centre which includes internally assessed components/units

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JCQ General Regulations state that entering members of centre staff for qualifications at their own centre must be as a last resort in cases where the member of centre staff is unable to find another centre.

Staff member teaching or preparing their relative or close friend at the same centre, for qualifications which have internally assessed components.

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Head of Centre submitting a centre declaration which includes their relative or close friend

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