In order to confirm that you have met the requirements to cover a range performance texts across components 2 and 3, please complete and submit this form. One form should be submitted per school/college. You can list the texts for your whole cohort on one form.

Responses will be stored and can be cross referenced against examination responses to ensure that centres have complied with the requirements of the specification and subject criteria.

This form must be completed 6 weeks before intended component 2 examination date.

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It is a requirement of this qualification for students to experience live theatre in person as a member of the audience in the same performance space as the performers. Centres must make every effort possible for students to see live performance in this manner and confirm that they have done so to Pearson. Centres are free to make these live theatre arrangements at any time during the delivery of the qualification before Component 3 is taken.

To ensure this requirement is met, centres are required to submit a live performance statement. This should be submitted using the Live Theatre Performance Submission Form from the Administrative Support Guide.