Summer 2022 support

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We’ll be providing information and support to you and your students as you prepare for the summer 2022 assessments. We’ll be releasing more information and guidance as arrangements are confirmed and will ensure we keep you up to date with all the qualification news for summer 2022. 

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Summer 2022 consultation

On 30 September, the Department for Education and Ofqual published the outcomes of the consultation on proposed summer 2022 adaptations, including optionality and advance notice. 

The consultation concluded that all of the proposals set out in the consultation document would be implemented.  

Read more about the 2022 adaptations consultation outcomes

The 2022 NEA and field work consultation published on 16 June. The consultation concluded that the arrangements put in place for 2021 would be carried forward for 2022.

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Summer 2022 adaptations

There are four different types of adaptations for assessments in 2022: Advance Information, optionality, exam support and NEA/fieldwork adaptations.

Read more about advance information with the JCQ teacher guidance

In addition to these four main categories of adaptations, there are also adaptations to the assessment of practical science work.

Read more about the different 2022 adaptations with our Summer 2022 support: Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit your individual subject pages to find out about the specific adaptations which have been put in place for each subject.

Please note, that the changes to assessments published on 30 September are not intended to be carried forward to summer 2023. Schools and colleges should deliver the full course content for GCSE and A level courses due to be assessed in 2023.

Summer 2022 results days

Results days will be one week apart as usual:

  • Thursday 18 August for AS and A level results
  • Thursday 25 August for GCSE and International GCSE results. 

Contingency consultation

The DfE and Ofqual have launched a consultation on contingency arrangements for awarding Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs), in the unlikely event that exams are not able to go ahead as planned in summer 2022. The proposals cover GCSEs, AS, A levels, Project qualifications, and the Advanced Extension Award (AEA) in mathematics. 

We would encourage you to take part in the consultation which closes on 13 October 2021 at 11.45pm.

We'll continue to keep this web page up to date and provide news and information in the regular Pearson Qualifications Bulletin. For subject-specific support, please do stay in touch with your Subject Advisors and you can also contact us directly if you have any other queries.

Exams Officer support

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Summer 2022 support

We'll be supporting you and your students every step of the way with the 2022 summer arrangements. Take a look at the support for your subject qualifications below:

There are no Adjustments or Advance Information for the International A Level unit examinations in May/June 2022, except for International A Level Law as this is a Linear qualification.

Students have opportunities to sit International A Level examinations in the January, May/June and October/November series. Due to the modular approach of these qualifications, we have decided the fairest and most consistent approach for students is to continue running them as a regular series.