You will have seen in the most recent update from JCQ that NEA does not need to be completed by candidates and centres do not need to send marks to exam boards for the summer 2020 session.

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While we know that some centres may have had their NEA work very far progressed, and even completed and marked, it is not necessarily the case across all centres and it would be unfair to treat centres and candidates differently. 

If your centre has already submitted marks and/or work to Pearson for NEA components, we will keep these safe and secure until schools are open and we can return the work to you. If you are making reference to completed NEA work to come to your centre assessment grades (CAGs), you can refer to the backup that should have been retained by you. 

The preparation for and work completed on NEA components still forms an important part of how you should derive your CAGs. Partially and fully completed NEA work will represent good evidence for your estimate of candidate performance on that part of the qualification. In some qualifications, where the skills and content assessed by the NEA is similar to the other NEA components, you can also use the evidence of candidate performance on the NEA to inform your students’ CAGs for the qualification as a whole, alongside the other evidence from classwork, homework and mock tests. When using NEA to inform CAGs you should also bear in mind that, in general, candidates tend to do better on NEA than they do in examinations, though of course this is not true of all candidates.

The only exceptions to this are for the endorsements for spoken language, GCSE English Language, International GCSE English Language A and B, International GCSE English as a Second Language, International GCSE Swahili and the practicals in A level Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

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