Endorsements in GCSE English Language, International GCSE English Language A&B, International GCSE English as a Second Language, International GCSE Swahili and the A level Sciences.

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In order for grades to be awarded for the endorsements in GCSE English Language and A level Biology, Chemistry and Physics, we will need you to submit grades (Pass, Merit, Distinction or Not Classified for GCSE English Language and International GCSE English Language) or results (Pass or Not Classified for A level Sciences) for every student.

Common practical assessment criteria

We want you to submit these in the same way that you would have done in a normal examination series. They should be submitted via Edexcel Online which is up and running and ready to receive them. If you have a mixture of grades or results which were finalised and those which are estimated from partially completed work, both should be submitted in the same way. 

The deadline for this activity is provisionally set as 15 May, but we know that this will be challenging and we are reviewing this with the other exam boards. Please aim for 15 May but it is likely that the system will be open for longer. 

We will not ask you to differentiate between grades which are based on partial performance or those which are based on completed work. This is because it is important that the grades candidates achieve this year are not distinguishable from those achieved in previous years. When making your judgements on partially completed grades, draw on evidence from practicals which have already been completed, on classwork and any other practical learning that has already happened in the classroom. 

For International GCSE English as a Second Language and International GCSE Swahili the endorsement is externally assessed therefore a different process will be put in place. Further details will be shared in due course directly with relevant centres.

Please note: We will not be collecting a sample in Summer 2020. However, you should retain your students’ work in case we have queries about the data.

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