Blended learning using HN Online

Blended learning has become increasingly important to deliver a flexible, accessible and personalised learning experience to learners from different walks of life. It allows you to deliver a qualification through a blend of online and classroom learning.

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To meet centre and learner needs, Pearson has developed HN Online, which enables flexible delivery of BTEC Higher National qualifications.

HN Online is currently available for all units in the BTEC Higher National qualifications in Business, and you can choose which units you'd like to use in your delivery. 

Blended delivery using HN Online allows you to:

  • Widen access by making learning accessible to students who cannot attend a full face-to-face course.
  • Help students learn without becoming overwhelmed by providing clear instructions, breaking down content in bite sized chunks and checking understanding at regular intervals.
  • Boosting active engagement through interactive activities such as videos, open response questions, multiple choice questions and drag and drop activities.
  • Providing immediate feedback with the use of model answers for open response questions, assessing and displaying scores for multiple choice along with the number of attempts.
  • Make effective interventions and plan your face-to-face sessions by analysing student engagement with online material using a performance dashboard.

Download your copy of the blended learning guide

If you'd like to know more about how to use HN Online to deliver blended learning, and you're happy for us to send you further information about HN Online, fill in the form below.

We will send you a complimentary copy of our Blended Learning Guide to download for your centre.


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