This June, we're hosting over 50 senior leader briefing sessions throughout England to help you navigate the changes caused by several years of curriculum reform and new rules, as well as the increased pressure to perform.

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What you need to know

If you're a secondary school senior leader who's accountable for the performance of your schools, these briefings will give you guidance on how to focus efforts on the right challenges, and on selecting and delivering frontline solutions that have a strategic impact.

Be briefed on the policy landscape

Get the insight you need to understand the new policy landscapes and deliver on your targets with policy briefings prepared by Pearson’s industry experts and guidance on the free resources and support available.

Be prepared for any challenge

Understand the full range of options available to you, and how they work together. The events will provide more than specifications and textbooks - we’ll explain the targeted resources and tools that neutralise your team’s pain points.

Deliver on your targets

We’ll explain exactly who to talk to implement the right solutions for your school.

These one-and-a-half-hour events are a perfect fit for your busy schedule and also provide an opportunity to network with your Curriculum Development Manager (CDM), local Pearson colleagues supporting your school, and with other senior leader colleagues. 

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