Onscreen testing

From 2 February 2015, onscreen tests for our qualifications which replace Pearson EDI programmes will use the Pearson Onscreen Platform (POP). On this page you'll be able to download the POP software and find out how to install it.

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There are two versions of the POP software available:

  • LAN (suitable for multiple, networked machines)
  • Offline (suitable for mobile or off-site testing).

You'll find links to download the POP software within the installation guides below.

Once you have downloaded and installed the version that suits you, you will need to complete and return the forms below before you can start to run tests. For the LAN version, complete the declaration form. For the offline version, complete the POP username request form.

A third version of the POP (Online) is in development and will be launched soon. 

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