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Our targets for providing customer service and how we are currently performing.

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Call answering
You can call Customer Services from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday and we will answer the majority of calls within 40 seconds.
Latest performance
January 2020: 90.20% (Target: 80%)

Email responses
We will acknowledge emails to Customer Services and webform queries on the day of receipt, and reply to the majority within two working days. Where we are unable to resolve your query within two working days, we will reply to provide an update from the person owning your query.
Latest performance
January 2020: 87.40% (Target: 90%)

Complaints resolution
We will acknowledge complaints on the day of receipt and reply to the majority of complaints within 10 working days.
Latest performance
January 2020: 86.40% (Target: 80%)

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