Quality assurance

Guide to BTEC Quality Assurance

Quality Management Review

Quality Management Review (QMR) is an annual process that enables us to work in partnership with you to ensure high standards of quality management for BTEC programmes at your centre.

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Quality management review centre guide

The guide below should be read along side the QMR Suggested Evidence Guide (PDF, 0.68 MB) when preparing for Quality Management Review.

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Centre and CQR additional guidance for QMR

The guide below provides additional information for those centres who are part of consortia/colloborative arrangements. This information is only relevant for those centres who do not deliver any BTECs but make registrations on BTEC programmes. If you deliver BTECs within your centre please refer to the Centre guide to Quality Management Review only.

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Qualification approval terms and conditions for Pearson's UK and international centres

These terms and conditions need to be signed by all Heads of Centre every year. They apply to centres both UK and internationally across all of our qualifications. 

Centre terms and conditions

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Why we do it

Quality Management Review is how we check that you are managing appropriate quality assurance systems and procedures. It helps ensure you have sufficient quality assurance systems, policies and procedures that are implemented appropriately, consistently and fairly to assure the safe certification of your learners.

How we do it

Quality Management Review is either an annual visit or a remote desktop review to consider your centre-wide quality assurance systems.

It is important to cover all objectives and measures at the annual review visit, but it will continue to be possible to give a particular focus to centre BTEC needs during a review visit. A DeskTop Review will focus on QO.1, QO.3, QO.4 and QO.9 as these are the main priority objectives.

Quality Management Review covers the following qualifications It does not cover the following qualifications
  • All BTECs from Entry Level to Level 3:
    • BTEC (QCF) from 2010
    • BTEC (NQF) from 2012, 2013 and 2014 
    • BTEC Nationals from 2016
    • BTEC Technicals from 2017
  • BTEC Levels 4-7
  • BTECs accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)*
  • BTECs accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)*
  • Programmes delivered within BTEC Apprenticeship Framework
  • BTEC Customised/ Self-Regulated Framework
  • Functional Skills, ESOL, Key Skills, Skills for Life and Specialist Qualifications
  • Essential Skills Wales, Core Skills
  • All levels of stand-alone NVQ/SVQ

*For guidance on BTEC (SQA) qualifications please refer to the BTEC Security Centre Management Handbook.

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Similar to its predecessors, Quality Management Review is designed to be a flexible process which is reviewed and refreshed annually. This ensures that the process remains relevant and is able to respond to changing regulatory requirements and outcomes from our wider quality assurance processes.

Please refer to the Centre Guide to completing the Centre Engagement Document. 

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Quality Management Review and certification

In order to ensure that all centres have effective procedures in place, the following quality objectives are linked to certification:

  • QO.1: Centre Management Systems
  • QO.3: Learner registration & certification
  • QO.4: Annual Programme Evaluation & Review
  • QO.9: Standards of Internal & External Assessment

If we have serious concerns about your centre’s ability to meet any of these quality objectives, we may temporarily suspend certification while we provide extra support to resolve the issues. This will be shown as 'Centre Manager Support required' and a Centre Quality Manager and your Vocational Quality Advisor will support you through this process. 

Your Centre Quality Reviewer will make judgments against each of the quality objectives, based on whether your centre has evidence that effectively covers all of the Quality measures.

If your Centre Quality Reviewer judges that there is “insufficient evidence that effective quality processes exist” for Quality Objectives: QO.1 Centre Management System; QO.3 Learner registration & certification; QO.4: Annual Programme Evaluation & Review; or QO.9: Standards of Internal & External Assessment, then they will:

  • inform you of their judgment at the visit and explain that we may temporarily suspend certification
  • explain the next steps if a temporary suspension of certification is confirmed.

The report will be immediately scrutinised by the Centre Quality Manager.

If, on scrutiny of the report, the Centre Quality Manager agrees that a certification block is appropriate, it will be applied. This will affect certification of all BTEC programmes within your centre.

Next steps

  • Your Centre Quality Manager will take ownership of the allocation and work with you to agree remedial action.
  • Once the issues have been resolved, your Centre Quality Manager submits the progress report to release certification.

If the Centre Quality Manager does not agree that a temporary suspension of certification is required, they will amend the judgement for Quality Objective QO.1 and/ QO.3 and/or QO.4 and/or QO.9, and submit the report.

Next steps

  • Your Centre Quality Manager will contact your Centre Quality Reviewer to advise them of the change.
  • The allocation remains with your Centre Quality Reviewer to monitor any Essential Actions.

Remember, in order to claim certificates for each Principal Subject Area a centre must have an accredited lead internal verifier in place (where required by the qualification), or have successfully completed Standards Verification.

Find out more about Lead Internal Verifiers and Standards Verification

Quality Management Review timeline

When Pearson actions Centre actions

We aim to contact existing centres to let them know who their Centre Quality Reviewer is.


If you are a new BTEC centre starting after September, then we will tell you 4 to 6 weeks after you first register learners.

Quality Nominee begins visit preparation and completes Centre Engagement Document. This includes:
  • an update on any progress towards previous essential actions and recommendations
  • details of any changes to systems and procedures since the last visit
  • a statement on general strengths and weaknesses 
  • signing of the Centre Recognition and Qualification Approvals re-Declaration (Head of Centre only).

Centre Quality Reviewer agrees visit date, or DTR date, accesses completed Centre Engagement Document and conducts the QMR .


Quality Nominee manages the review visit and co-ordinates meeting between practitioners and Centre Quality Reviewer.

For centre Visits the Centre Engagement Document must be completed, signed by the Head of Centre and uploaded to Edexcel online by 10th December, or 10 working days prior to your QMR Visit, whichever comes first.

For centres allocated a DeskTop Review (DTR), the Quality Nominee MUST complete DESKTOP centre checklist via Edexcel online and the Centre Engagement document, and submit both by 10th December.

The Quality Nominee will liaise with the Centre Quality Reviewer and provide additional evidence for DTR, by an agreed date. 
After a visit

Centre Quality Reviewer provides verbal feedback at the end of the visit.

The completed report, including any Actions and Recommendations, will be available from Edexcel Online within 10 working days for the visit.

Quality Nominee and colleagues work to resolve any Actions within 3 months of the report and provide updates to the Centre Quality Reviewer on progress.
After the DTR The completed DTR report will be available from Edexcel Online within 10 working days of the agreed review date.  The Quality Nominee can access the DTR report on Edexcel Online and download in the usual way. 

Your Centre Quality Reviewer will continue to monitor progress against any actions and will complete the centre progress report within three months of the QMR visit. Where actions are not reviewed, the centre may automatically be allocated a QMR visit the following year.

If serious issues are found for QO.1; QO.3; QO.4; or QO.9 and the outcome 'Centre Manager Support Required' is confirmed, your Centre Quality Manager will work with you to address any outstanding actions. They will complete a progress report once any issues have been resolved.

Any recommendations made during your Quality Management Review visit will be reviewed during your next QMR visit and the Centre Quality Reviewer will provide final sign off of any actions. 

Read about our guide to quality objectives and measures

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