Career progression

Career progression for apprentices is excellent, with a significant proportion of successful apprentices advancing to highly skilled jobs or higher education in a college or university.

Many apprentices naturally progress to full-time employment with the company they began their apprenticeship or they may apply to work for another organisation in a similar role.

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Apprenticeships lead to a competence qualification, such as an NVQ, at Level 2 or Level 3, a key skills qualification, like problem solving and using technology, and in most cases a technical certificate, such as a BTEC.

Your qualification progression won’t stop at the Intermediate or Advanced Apprenticeship: the qualifications you gain as an apprentice can also help you to enter higher education. You’ll usually need to have taken an Advanced Apprenticeship which leads to an NVQ at level 3. The NAS is working closely with UCAS to extend their system so that more qualifications gained during an apprenticeship will contribute towards an individual’s university application.

For full-time courses you can look up entry requirements on the UCAS website.

For part-time courses, access the university or college prospectus – most are now available on their respective websites.

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