Edexcel qualifications, from Pearson, are designed to make a measurable impact on your child, enabling them to progress further in higher education and employment. They are developed to meet Pearson’s world-class qualification principles that put the learner at the heart of everything. Find out more about Edexcel qualifications below.

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The UK’s largest awarder of qualifications

Edexcel academic qualifications are from Pearson, the UK’s largest awarding organisation. With over 3.4 million students studying our qualifications worldwide, we offer qualifications to 5,400 schools, colleges and employers globally and mark over 9 million exam scripts on behalf of the UK Department for Education each year. 

A heritage you can trust

The background to Pearson becoming the UK’s largest awarding organisation began in 1836, when a royal charter gave the University of London its first powers to conduct exams and confer degrees on its students. We have over 150 years of international education experience.

Globally recognised qualifications

Edexcel qualifications give your child the opportunity to study towards academic qualifications that are recognised and revered by the best universities around the world. They prepare your child to excel at degree level in what is now a truly international higher education environment. Edexcel qualifications open doors to the world’s leading universities – including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, University of Hong Kong / China, University of Melbourne, and National University of Singapore.

The most reliable awarding organisation

Pearson’s marking processes have been shown to produce exceptionally reliable results - with the fewest grade changes on re-marketing of the leading UK awarding organisations over the past 2 years – demonstrating that at every stage, Pearson qualifications - which include Edexcel academic qualifications - maintain the highest standards.


Developed to Pearson’s world-class qualifications principles

Pearson’s world-class qualification principles mean that the content and assessment of Edexcel qualifications are benchmarked against other leading international curriculums.

We work collaboratively with a panel of educational thought-leaders to ensure that Edexcel qualifications represent world-class best practice. 

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An approach that nurtures success

Taking an Edexcel qualification gives your child access to the best digital support and resources throughout their course, including:

Teachers and learners feedback about Edexcel qualifications

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