Welcome to Pearson, the world’s learning company and the UK’s largest awarding organisation. We believe that learning opens up opportunities, creating fulfilling careers and better lives. It’s our mission to help people make progress in their lives through learning.  

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The UK’s largest awarding organisation

Pearson is the UK's largest awarding body with more than 3.4 million students studying our qualifications worldwide and over 9 million exam scripts marked on behalf of the UK Department for Education each year.

We also offer the broadest range of academic and vocational qualifications, including Pearson Edexcel, BTEC, LCCI and EDI.

Globally recognised qualifications

Pearson Edexcel qualifications give your child the opportunity to study towards academic qualifications that are recognised by the best universities around the world – including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, University of Hong Kong / China, University of Melbourne and National University of Singapore.

The most reliable awarding organisation

Pearson Edexcel delivers the most accurate exam results in the UK with 99.2%* of grades accurate on results day in 2017, meaning 99.2% of teachers and students can feel confident that they’ll get the right outcome.

We achieve this using ePEN, our unique image-based marking system, with real time monitoring, quality control and reporting to ensure the highest quality marking and provision of data. Unlike traditional exam paper marking, our examiners mark one anonymised question at a time, rather than one paper/script at a time. They submit marks for each item as they go, which removes any potential bias they may have based on a student’s answers to previous questions and produces remarkably accurate results.

*Ofqual 2017 summer exam series report, published 14 December 2017.

A consistent learning journey for your child from 5-19 with iProgress

iProgress is our complete series for five to 19-year-olds in international schools. The iProgress family includes iPrimary, iLowerSecondary, International GCSE (IG), GCSE, International Advanced level (IAL) and GCE A level, and delivers a consistent learning journey for students and teachers, everywhere in the world.

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