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This area has been created to provide information and advice to international students, parents and schools about applying to global universities with Edexcel A level Qualifications from Pearson; which include GCE A levels and International Advanced Levels.

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Country study guides

Take a look at our popular study guides, ‘How to Study in the UK’ and 'How to study in Canada', containing information and advice on how to apply to universities in these countries.

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How to Study in the UK study guide

Are you an international student interested in studying abroad?

We understand that the process of applying to universities can be difficult. That's why we are working with universities and higher education experts around the world to provide you with guidance via social media and free interactive webinars, giving you the information you need to help you apply.

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To access support on how to apply to university through interactive webinars:

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Higher Education Advisor Forum

Pearson has created the Higher Education (HE) Advisor Forum to ensure anyone supporting learners in their journey to higher education has the most accurate information.

By joining Pearson’s HE Advisor Forum you will receive invitations to free events, where you can interact directly with experts in higher education. You will also receive regular communications about topics that directly impact a learner’s progression to university - writing applications, applying for visas, investigating scholarships, and much more.

Pearson’s HE Advisor Forum is free to join.

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