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Helping you understand more about your students' learning

ResultsPlus offers more report types and more in-depth reporting than any other results analysis service. You can see detailed analysis of:

  1. an individual student
  2. a group of students
  3. a class
  4. the entire cohort.

You can print analysis reports, skills maps, exam papers, mark schemes and Examiner Reports.

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Analysis tools

Student analysis overview

See the results for all Edexcel exam papers sat by a student in one place. In addition to the overall grade and UMS achieved for each paper, a gradeometer shows just how close the student was to the next grade.  

Exam paper analysis

The paper analysis gives you instant access to information beyond the exam paper grade, with detailed information provided for each question, helping you make informed decisions about future teaching and learning.  

Student analysis

See how a student has performed on each question with the at-a-glance traffic-light system provided on the student analysis report. 

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Skills maps

ResultsPlus is the only results analysis service that provides skills maps.

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Highlight reports

Highlight reports let you see the papers that each student has sat, together with an overview of the 10 questions and skills on which they performed best and worst on each paper.  

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Group and cohort analysis

You can view the grade or paper analysis of classes, groups or entire cohorts. 

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Group comparison

The group comparison feature allows you to view side-by-side the overall grade for groups from the same series or different series. 

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Mock analysis

You can also obtain analysis of mock exams via the mock analysis feature. 

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ResultsPlus Direct

Students can have access to their own analysis reports via ResultsPlus Direct.

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