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Our training is designed to help you learn how to use ResultsPlus effectively to discover which topics, skills and question types need further development, and how to use this information to improve teaching and learning.

These sessions will benefit teachers and Heads of Department following Edexcel GCSEs or A levels, members of the leadership team and exams officers.

Helping you turn ResultsPlus insights into effective actions

These are half-day sessions held across the country to share best practice techniques. We show you how to interpret your students’ results data from mock papers and exams to identify areas for improvement.

Topics covered in this training

1. Understanding the analysis provided by ResultsPlus
In this section, guided activities are used to familiarise staff with the features of ResultsPlus. We focus on:

  • analysing grades, question papers and skills areas to uncover areas of strength and weakness
  • analysis of performance and trends by student, group or cohort to identify opportunities for improvement.

2. How Mock Analysis provides insight before students take their exams

This section is a workshop and discussion on the features of the Mock Analysis service:

  • How Mock Analysis can be used to support your teaching and evaluate progress
  • A guided tour showing how efficient and easy Mock Analysis is to use.

3. From analysis to action

We finish the session by giving you guided support to analyse and evaluate your own school’s data. This allows you to identify issues and take appropriate action to support improvement.  

How to book

To see what events are coming up in your region and to make a booking, visit our online booking page and select ‘ResultsPlus’ from the qualifications list.

Unfortunately in-school training is not available at this time.

An essential and concise online tour of ResultsPlus that shows you how this free service from Edexcel can benefit teaching and learning.

This free online webinar is easy for you and your colleagues to attend during after school hours and provides a brief introduction and tour to the key features of ResultsPlus, including new Mock Analysis.

Online events dates for 2014 are to be confirmed.

Feedback from our ResultsPlus training

"A valuable course one which my school will benefit from in due course."

"I now know what I can do to enhance intervention."

"I feel really enthusiastic about using ResultsPlus. Really enjoyed the day"

"Feel inspired! Will be going back and using much more"

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