About Pearson Assured

Find out more about Pearson Assured, what it is, who it’s for and what the benefits are. 

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What is Pearson Assured?

Pearson Assured is a service that independently benchmarks and verifies the qualifications and training provided by various organisations and bodies.

Who is it for?

Corporate training providers

If you’re a training provider, Pearson Assured can help you assure consistent standards across multiple programmes, delivery locations and different trainers, giving you verifiable proof of your credentials to promote to clients.

Corporations with in-house programmes

If you’re a company that conducts its own training, Pearson Assured can help you provide consistency and accuracy across multiple sites or multiple assessors, ensuring all employees receive consistent training provision.

Why become a Pearson Assured centre?

By demonstrating that your centre meets the Pearson Assured quality criteria, you ensure that each learner on each programme receives the same standard of education and training provision, whoever they are and wherever they take the course. 

Show all your stakeholders that you’re serious about quality. Pearson Assured centres can use the Pearson logo on promotional materials (subject to your adherence to our Third Party Guidelines).

When our Quality Advisors review the validity and reliability of your quality procedures, you get detailed feedback on how you can improve your quality systems. Annual visits will then help you continuously to improve your quality standard. 

Becoming Pearson Assured sends a clear message to current and prospective learners that your organisation is accountable and responsible, providing important reassurance to your students. 

Because we review your organisation, and not individual programmes, Pearson Assured status involves only one centre-level review. So once you've achieved our quality endorsement, you can apply it to all your programmes from just one review. 

Why Pearson?

With over 100 years of education and training experience in over 100 countries, we have the expertise and authority to audit, benchmark, and independently verify your quality processes against world-class standards. 

We know that without rigorous quality assurance, a certificate is worthless.

That’s why rigorous quality processes underline everything we do. Our QCF and NQF qualifications are independently regulated by the UK regulator Ofqual to ensure our quality standards are rigorous, valid and reliable.

Our qualifications are widely taught, recognised and respected, and the standards we apply in all Pearson qualifications are the same standards provided by the Pearson Assured service.

Note: Titles that have the Pearson Assured status are not on a qualifications framework. They will not be set at a level or regulated by the UK regulator. 

Next steps

If you would like more information or would like to discuss your eligibility for this service, please contact your regional Pearson office.