Who is it for?

Pearson Assured is a service that independently benchmarks and verifies the qualifications and training provided by various organisations and bodies. 

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Corporate training providers

If you’re a training provider, Pearson Assured can help you assure consistent standards across multiple programmes, delivery locations and different trainers, giving you verifiable proof of your credentials to promote to clients.

Corporations with in-house programmes

If you’re a company that conducts its own training, Pearson Assured can help you provide consistency and accuracy across multiple sites or multiple assessors, ensuring all employees receive consistent training provision.

Educational institutions, professional bodies and public sector organisations that provide their own education and training programmes

Some examples of organisations we work with are:

  • training providers such as ITEC
  • international employers including BT, McDonalds and Flybe
  • Over 5,400 international education institutions.