Planning and delivering end-point assessment

Our EPA delivery team, along with our purpose-built EPA delivery platform - Smart EPA is designed to support you in your EPA planning and delivery.

Our purpose-built EPA delivery system will allow you to:

  • stay one step ahead in your planning by breaking down the complexities of EPA planning and delivery
  • have all the tools needed, and at the right time, to prepare apprentices to become EPA-ready
  • make your apprentices’ EPA experience as painless as possible to help them achieve a successful outcome

Smart EPA is an online End-Point Assessment delivery software developed by Smart Apprentices that is purpose-built to meet all your needs by offering an end-to-end EPA delivery process. 

Smart EPA is a ‘one-stop-shop’ that allows training providers and FE colleges to:

  • register apprentices for EPA with Pearson
  • access all EPA specific resources created by Pearson for each standard that are being delivered
  • complete Gateway checklists specific to each standard
  • upload all evidence documentation for each apprentice when they are EPA-ready 
  • receive email confirmation of assessment booking for their apprentices
  • receive email confirmation of results for their apprentices

Our priority is to ensure you are fully supported in helping your apprentices become EPA-ready - no matter what stage they are in their apprenticeship journey. In order to do that, we are rolling out Smart EPA functionalities in stages which also reflect our defined EPA process timelines. This would allow us to address any unforeseen eventualities that may come up along the way.

In the first phase of roll-out you will only be required to:

  1. register apprentices for EPA for employers that you have contracted with
  2. access EPA resources for specific standards
  3. complete standard-specific gateway checklists per apprentice
  4. upload evidence documentation per apprentice for each EPA

We will do the rest for you. Your Account Specialist team will train and guide you through the Smart EPA system. Get in touch with them on:

  • Tel: 0344 576 0045
  • Select option 1 of the IVR
  • Then enter centre number '99999' on the keypad

We have also developed a step-by-step user guide to help customers set up required information on Smart EPA. This is available from your Account Specialist teams. Alternatively you can download a copy below.

Our purpose-built Smart EPA offers:

  • a step-by-step user guide to support you with inputting information on Smart EPA
  • a single source to access all EPA resources

No system is fool-proof on its own without a team of people supporting it. Therefore in addition to the delivery platform, we offer:

  • a dedicated Account Specialist team to support you with training and data entry
  • a dedicated Pearson IT team supporting the software to ensure minimal downtimes
  • a phased approach to rolling-out Smart EPA system functionalities so that you can deliver EPA with confidence and minimal disruptions

For all Smart EPA related queries, please contact Customer Service on the following helpline:

  1. Tel: 0344 576 0045
  2. Select option 1 of the IVR
  3. Then enter centre number '99999' on the keypad