We offer a full range of assessment services to support the diverse requirements of the new apprenticeships standards. 

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Pearson is now one of the largest listed provider of approved end-point assessment (EPA) services for the new-look apprenticeships in England. 

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Pearson's end-point assessment services. We'll support you in your EPA planning and preparation. Watch our EPA webinar recordings.

End-point assessment services 

All new standards must have an end-point assessment (EPA) that is carried out by an independent organisation that has been approved by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) to conduct EPA for the specific standard.

Our end-point assessment services include the design, planning and delivery of end-point assessments for a range of different standards.

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You can use Pearson as your end-point assessment provider regardless of whether you choose to use our on-programme offer.

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Where does end-point assessment fit in?

End-point assessment is the final assessment for an apprentice to ensure they are competent and ready for the job they have been training for. EPA is separate to any qualifications or other assessment that the apprentice may undertake during the on programme stages of the apprenticeship.

Each standard has an assessment plan that outlines the various components included within the end-point assessment for that standard. An example of the Customer Services Practitioner Level 2 End-Point Assessment is shown below.

Customer service practitioner diagram

The Assessment Gateway

Following completion of their on-programme learning and prior to undertaking the end-point assessment, all apprentices need to be signed-off by their employer and training provider to confirm their ‘readiness for undertaking the EPA’. This includes providing confirmation and evidence that the apprentice has completed:

  • all on-programme learning
  • achieved any mandatory qualification, if required
  • passed / taken all English and maths qualifications as detailed within the assessment plan

Pearson’s EPA Offer

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As a registered end-point assessment organisation, Pearson is responsible for ensuring that end-point assessments are valid, reliable, comparable, manageable and minimise bias. We do this by:

  • maintaining credibility and value in the design and application of our specifications and assessment tools
  • ensuring people and resources involved in EPA design and delivery are ‘fit-for-purpose’ and understand the industry sector they are working in
  • working collaboratively with training providers, employers, colleges, independent assessors
  • quality assuring the delivery of EPAs, using a risk-based approach
  • Providing regular training and standardisation activities
  • Ensuring continuous professional development of people involved in assessments and quality assurance of our EPAs
  • Ensuring high quality reporting and management of information.

Delivering end-point assessments

As a registered Apprentice Assessment Organisation, Pearson is accountable for developing, delivering and awarding EPAs. In order to deliver EPAs, Pearson is able to either:

  • deliver EPAs directly for employers and/ or training providers


  • partner with organisations that have the capacity, capability and suitable independence to work with us.