New apprenticeships Financial Services Customer Adviser

This new apprenticeship standard will typically take up to 18 months to complete, although the exact duration will be dependent on the previous experience of the individual. It has been designed for use in Banks and Building Societies, but may have wider application across Financial Services.

Apprentices may be in a number of front line roles that deal with customers on a range of relatively straightforward transactions within a detailed regulatory and risk framework – these may happen in a branch, over the phone, through the internet or be done by an individual in an operations centre that supports other areas of the business.

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In order to meet the apprenticeship standards, apprentices must:

  • Achieve a minimum of Level 1 English and Level 1 Maths

The on-programme pace will be driven by the apprentice as well as by the breadth of experience an employer can offer prior to the minimum of 12 months, after which end-point assessment will take place.

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