End-point assessment

We offer a full range of assessment services to support the diverse requirements of apprenticeships standards. 

You can use Pearson as your end-point assessment organisation regardless of whether you choose to use our on-programme offer or not.

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EPA Specification - Mammography Associate

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Our end-point assessment service

As an ESFA-approved Assessment Organisation we provide a full range of assessment services to support the end-point assessment requirements for this apprenticeship standard.

There are two components that make up end-point assessment for the Mammography Associate apprenticeship. Assessment will consist of:

  • Examination paper
  • Clinical practice observation and discussion

Each component of end-point assessment is graded. Apprentices will also receive a grade for the overall end-point assessment. This will be Fail/Pass/Distinction

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Examination paper

The examination will assess the knowledge and understanding for Mammography Associates. The exam will consist of 60 questions and must be passed prior to taking the clinical practice observation and discussion,each question must present the apprentice with 4 options from which the apprentice must select one option.The exam paper must include 5 diagram based questions.

Each question answered correctly must be assigned 1 mark, any incorrect or missing answers must be assigned 0 marks. Apprentices must have 1 hour to complete the exam paper.The exam paper must be closed book i.e. the apprentice cannot refer to reference books or materials.

The examination will assess knowledge of:

  • Clinical Mammography
  • Mammography Science
  • Quality Assurance

Apprentices must have passed the exam paper to progress to the observation of clinical practice and discussion. Passing the exam paper will indicate the apprentice has the necessary underpinning knowledge for clinical practice.

This component is graded Fail/Pass/Distinction