About Money and Finance Skills

Find out more about our Money and Finance Skills courses, developed in partnership with Nationwide Building Society. 

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What are Money and Finance Skills qualifications?

In the current financial climate, it’s important that young people learn to manage their money and avoid getting into unmanageable debt. That’s why we created Money and Finance Skills in partnership with Nationwide Building Society.

These short financial awareness qualifications equip learners aged 14 and above with essential life skills in financial capability, employability, sustainability and safety.

The course utilises Nationwide Education, the free online resource set up by Nationwide to help young people and adults to manage their money effectively and responsibly. This comprehensive, engaging resource is available at www.nationwideeducation.co.uk.

Why take Money and Finance Skills?

Our Money and Finance Skills courses help you to develop the knowledge and skills you need to manage your personal finances in daily life and achieve financial security.

You’ll build confidence and competence in financial skills such as budgeting, careers, currency, financial documents, saving, investing and assessing risk.

The course is short and taught in bitesize chunks, with engaging, relevant content that you can use in everyday life, while Nationwide’s online resources mean you can do the majority of study in your own time at school or at home.

How is the qualification structured?

Money and Finance Skills includes two short qualifications, one at Level 1 and one at Level 2. Students who are not yet ready for Level 2 can study at Level 1 and move up to Level 2 when they are ready.

For both qualifications, a minimum of six credits are required for students to receive an award. This is made up of four mandatory units and two optional units.

How will I be assessed?

Money and Finance Skills qualifications are internally assessed. To pass, you must successfully achieve all the assessment criteria.