Home Cooking Skills competition 2017

We are very pleased to offer an exciting opportunity for students to take part in our Home Cooking Skills competition for 2017.

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Who is eligible?

The competition is open to all learners aged 14-19 years studying at a school or college in the UK delivering BTEC qualifications. Students will work individually. Learners don’t need to be registered onto the Level 1 or 2 Pearson BTEC Award in Home Cooking Skills to take part in the competition, but they will need consent from their parent/carer to enter if they are under 18.

If you are currently taking the Level 1 or Level 2 qualification, the competition entry can be mapped to contribute to your qualification. Even if you don’t win, you’ve added something to your portfolio!

What students need to do

Students need to design, plan and cook a three course celebratory meal for a minimum of four people.


You are catering for a celebratory dinner party with specially created dishes from a cuisine of your choice. The meal should include a starter, a main and a dessert, along with details of a drink to accompany the food.

Particular attention should be given to any specific requirements of the scenario, and the meal design should clearly illustrate how they have been catered for. For example it could be shown how guests special dietary requirements have been considered, and how locally grown food might have been sourced for them. We are also looking for vibrant, high-quality photos to best show off your dishes! See our photography guide for more tips on taking a good picture.

This year we’d like to see students across the UK really embracing the ethos of healthy nutritional ingredients, and with inspiration for their dishes coming from around the world.

Let’s get excited about food!


We will have first, second and third prizes:

1st prize

The winner will receive a meal for up to three people at their closest Jamie’s Italian restaurant. They will also receive a mention on the website and a book from Jamie Oliver. Three vouchers will be provided for a maximum of £40 per head for food and drinks.

2nd prize

The winner will receive a meal for two people at their closest Jamie’s Italian restaurant, a mention on the website and a book from Jamie Oliver.

3rd prize

The third place winner will receive a book, a mention on the website and a personalised letter from Jamie Oliver.

Further information

Students have until Friday 28 May 2017 to submit their entry to Pearson, which they can supply electronically or by post. Their entry must include a competition entry cover sheet, which should be completed by their teacher.

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We’ve created a competition guide for teachers which:

  • includes all the details about entering
  • outlines the criteria which they’ll be judged against.

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Keep us updated on progress and share ideas by posting pictures of meals @PearsonsSkills and use the hashtag #cookBTEC .

Learn more about BTEC Home Cooking Skills Level 1 and 2 awards