LCCI in financial and quantitative Computerised Book-keeping Skills

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Our international LCCI Level 2 Award in Computerised Book-keeping Skills helps learners develop their ability to use a computerised accounting system to set up company information, make journal and ledger entries and process routine payments and receipts. It's suitable for those working or intending to work in accounting roles that require the computerised processing of daily accounting transactions.
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LCCI Level 2 Award in Computerised Book-keeping Skills syllabus
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Qualification type:
Qualification title:
Pearson LCCI Level 2 Award in Computerised Book-keeping Skills
Level 2
Guided Learning Hours (GLH):
Subject suite:
Financial and Quantitative
Specification codes:
International only
Assessment availability:
On demand
First teaching:
Final assessment:
On demand Oct 2016
Last registration:
  • 30 September 2016
Final certification:
  • 31 January 2017
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