Teacher Upskilling Support


The DfE commissioned the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) to deliver a blended CPD programme to prepare teachers, trainers and leaders to deliver the new Essential Digital Skills Qualifications. The programme is delivered by a consortium of specialists led by Sero Consulting with Desq and includes:

  • An interactive self-assessment tool and a teacher CPD toolkit
  • A series of bite-sized, online training modules
  • Face-to-face training and online webinars (*Covid-19 restrictions apply)
  • Development of a community of practice to offer peer-to-peer support.
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Who is this for?

Teachers/tutors/trainers/lecturers/instructors/assessors/support staff who will be involved in delivering Essential Digital Skills training at Entry and Level 1 including those from:

  • ESOL
  • Offender Learning
  • PLW
  • SEND

Curriculum managers/leaders who will be involved in supporting delivering within the organisations:

  • ACL 
  • Learning & Teaching/Curriculum/Quality/Improvement managers
  • CPD leads
  • Functional Skills leads
  • Advanced practitioners 

What’s the aim of this training?

To support practitioners, in developing their skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver the new Essential Digital Skills (EDS) national standards to adult learners.

The training will use a workshop approach and will focus on:

  • Assessing strengths and professional development needs to help practitioners prepare for delivering EDS
  • Exploring activities, materials and resources that support teaching of EDS competencies including:
    • Creating and editing digital media
    • Processing numerical data
    • Managing traceable online activities
    • Online transactions/ buying securely online
    • Digital wellbeing.
  • Sharing best practice and building communities of practice to support delivery of the new Essential Digital Skills entitlement offer. 

By the end of this course you will be able to: 

  • Further develop your skills and confidence to teach Essential Digital Skills.
  • Introduce the EDS CPD programme to others (cascade).
  • Develop an action plan for you/ your team to support the development of EDS delivery (whole organisation approach).
  • Contribute to communities of practice.   

Duration of the training

The broadcast Webinar (linked below) is 40 minutes, but allow up to 60 minutes for participation. The online Webinar workshop is in two parts with a week apart and is 60-90 minutes.

Entry Requirements

To qualify for a place on this course you will need to be from an ESFA-funded learning provider and be from the funder's priority group which includes:

  • Further Education Colleges
  • Independent Training Providers
  • Adult Community Learning Providers
  • Any other type of ESFA-funded provider that offers Offender Learning, ESOL, Preparation for Life and Work and/or SEND and will be delivering Essential Digital Skills.

You will be involved in delivering Essential Digital Skills training at Entry and/or Level 1 national standards to adult learners. 

For more information and further teaching support, including webinars - read the Essential Digital Skills professional development programme -

Knowledge requirements

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