Personalised programmes

We offer flexible, personalised programmes for each individual learner through the Skilled for Life programme builder.

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Skilled for Life is a revolutionary service designed as a total employability solution for schools, colleges and private training providers. It's a complete toolkit that's made up of:

  • around 1400 units of learning
  • accompanying teaching and learning resources
  • optional behavioural diagnostic and initial assessment tools in English and maths.

Skilled for Life helps you identify the learning needs of an individual, and then design and deliver a personalised programme based specifically around those needs.

A flexible toolkit for personalised learning

The main benefit of the toolkit is its flexibility. Whatever the needs of your learners, however you want to deliver training, the toolkit will allow you to build a programme that's just right for your learners.

Our flexible toolkit includes a bank of qualifications and units, some of which have been newly developed to meet the specific requirements of those seeking to enter the job market. This ‘pick and mix’ approach will enable you to select exactly the right combination of units at the right levels.

The 5 learning areas for employability

We’ve grouped the large number of units into 5 learning areas to match the knowledge and skills needed for employability:

  • English and maths - includes work-related units focusing on these key areas
  • Industry knowledge - a range of knowledge-based units designed to give learners a sound introduction to a specific vocational sector
  • Work experience - includes units designed to prepare learners for work and to help them make the most of their work experience placements
  • Skills for work - includes units with very practical outcomes, such as interview preparation and applying for a job - and much more!
  • Social and personal skills - these units examine behaviours and motivation, providing learners with strategies to develop the personal skills that will help them move into and remain in the workplace.

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To help you build your own programme, we've created a user guide and an interactive step-by-step guide to how to use the programme builder.

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