Find out more about what traineeships are and the kinds of learners who may benefit from them.

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What are traineeships?

Traineeships are designed for 16- to 24-year-olds who want to progress to an apprenticeship, paid employment or further study. For 16- to 19-year-olds, they're designed to form part of the Study Programme provision.

The core content of a traineeship should consist of 3 elements:

  • Work preparation training
  • Work placement
  • English and maths.

Few rules sit behind these components, so providers have the flexibility to personalise traineeships to suit the needs of each individual learner.

Who are traineeships for?

The core group is young people:

  • who are not currently in a job and have little work experience, but who are focused on work or the prospect of it
  • who are 16-24 and qualified below Level 3
  • whom providers and employers believe have a reasonable chance of being ready for employment or an apprenticeship within 6 months of engaging in a traineeship.

Our traineeships offer

Our solution offers you flexible, personalised programmes.

Create personalised traineeship programmes

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Use flexible funding

You will get funding for the English, maths, work preparation and work experience elements of your traineeship, but you can also draw down additional funding for any vocational qualification as part of the flexible funding element. This funding is separate to the traineeships funding.

Here is a summary from Pearson of the traineeship funding rules for 16- to-19-year-olds and 19- to 24-year-olds.

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How to register learners on to Traineeships from Pearson

  1. Visit Edexcel Online (EOL)
  2. Seek approval for Skilled for Life at Level 1
  3. Automatic approval will be given
  4. In your approval package you will see our  Skilled for Life credit packages
  5. You can now purchase and register learners  against these credit packages. 

If you're an approved centre to deliver any other qualification or programme, including NVQs, please speak to your account manager or complete your details here

If you're not an approved centre, please complete your details here