Summer 2022 support

We will be supporting you and your students every step of the way as you prepare for the May/June 2022 assessments, and we’ll be releasing more information and support as arrangements are confirmed.

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In line with the decisions we have made for UK GCSEs with NEA and fieldwork, we have decided, for International GCSEs, to carry forward the arrangements which were put in place in 2021 to take account of public health restrictions that could have had an impact on the way the assessments in these qualifications could be conducted.

The requirement for assessments to use words outside of vocabulary lists has been removed, and glossing is permitted where necessary i.e. where a word from outside the vocabulary list cannot be avoided.

We will also provide the advance notice of sub-topics used in the Writing section of Paper 2: Reading and Writing.

Teachers and students should prepare for spoken language in 2022 to be assessed in the normal way, through formal speaking tests. If, at any point before the speaking tests begin, it becomes clear they cannot or should not be taken, we will implement contingency arrangements.

The contingency assessment arrangements for spoken language will apply the spoken language endorsement approach set out in the 2021 Subject Level Conditions for International GCSE MFL qualifications. Teachers should have regard to these assessment criteria throughout the course.

When May/June 2022 Support materials become available they will be posted on the course materials pages and available through the link below.

We are currently waiting on the outcomes of the Ofqual consultation for the UK Qualifications for Summer 2022. Although the International GCSEs are not included in the consultation it is important that we wait for its outcomes to ensure parity between our UK and International qualifications.