English Language and English Literature FAQs

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our Edexcel Certificates in English Language and Literature.

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No. The Department for Education has confirmed that since 2013, International GCSEs no longer count in performance table measures. However, the Edexcel English Certificates will count in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Each Certificate is equivalent to a GCSE and, as such, won’t be viewed as a non-GCSE qualification in the performance table rules. The Certificate in English Language will receive the A*-C points for the maths and English indicator and will count towards the English Baccalaureate in the same way as GCSE English Language.

This information will be updated each year on publication of the Key Stage 4 performance tables. 

Yes. For a course of study to count as ‘English’ for performance tables, learnersmust be taught a combination of English Literature and English Language at GCSE/Certificate and achieve at least a grade C in English Language.

You have the choice to offer:

● Certificate in English Language with GCSE English Literature
● GCSE English Language with Certificate in English Literature.

We can confirm that Edexcel English Certificates will be counted in the 2014, 2015 and 2016 performance measures. Whether English Certificates from any awarding body will count in the new 2017 measures has yet to be confirmed.

In relation to the accreditation of Certificates, the DfE reported on the outcomes of the KS4 accountability consultation. It stated that:

“Performance measures currently reflect pupils’ achievements in GCSEs, Level 1/Level 2 certificates (often referred to as IGCSEs) and other qualifications that meet specific criteria for inclusion in tables. As GCSEs are reformed, measures will be based on pupils’ achievements in reformed qualifications. We are considering the implications of our reforms for the recognition of Level 1/Level 2 certificates and will set out our decision in due course.”

This and further consultations on GCSE reform may also impact the role and availability of Certificate qualifications. We will, of course, keep you informed of any changes.

For English teachers this means that for subjects in the Edexcel GCSE family - including Edexcel GCSE English, English Language and English Literature and Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 Certificates in English Language and English Literature - only the result of a student’s first attempt will count in school performance tables.

As International GCSEs in English Language and Literature no longer count in school performance measures, they are not affected.

The change affects the current Year 11, whose results will appear in performance tables in January 2015, and all other students in Years 9 or 10 preparing to take English subjects in the GCSE family.

Further details about this announcement, including guidance for schools making decisions about early entry at GCSE, are available from the Department for Education.