Summer 2021 exam support

We will be supporting you and your students every step of the way with the 2021 assessment series. You can find out more about all the support we have available in our Course materials and Teaching support tab.

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January 2021 and May/June 2021 examination fieldwork statement

We recognise that the COVID-19 pandemic has created restrictions in many ways, including restriction on collecting primary data in the field for Geography fieldwork investigations. To support our teachers and students during this period, we're making the following changes for the January 2021 and May/June 2021 assessment:

  1. Removing the fieldwork statement. For this period, there's no requirement to carry out two days fieldwork outside the classroom and school grounds
  2. Instead, schools can use last year’s or any other previously collected data to go through the fieldwork process to prepare students to answer the familiar fieldwork context questions in Section B of Unit 2
  3. Mark schemes in Section B of Unit 2 will give equal credit to virtual/remote primary data collection, reference to primary data collected in previous years, as well as reference to the candidate’s own primary fieldwork experience, if this has been carried out.