Consultancy service

The consultancy service is now open again this year. The service is designed to help teachers apply the assessment criteria for controlled assessment tasks.

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What is the consultancy service?
It's an online system where you can view and mark exemplar student work.

Why should I use it?

  • It's absolutely free
  • It gives you the opportunity to mark pieces of coursework to gain an understanding of how to apply the new assessment criteria
  • It ensures you understand the marking criteria so you can begin marking your own students' work
  • You'll receive commentaries from a senior moderator on the exemplar work
  • It provides additional support for centres who may have misunderstood the application of the criteria.

When will it be available?

The consultancy service is available from 24 November 2014 until 27 February 2015. All marks need to be submitted by the 27 February 2015. Commentaries will be released on the 28 February 2015, to all centres that have registered and submitted marks.

Where do I access the work?

  • Centres must register on OSCA to access the exemplar work. You can access the OSCA system at
  • Once registered, the Lead Assessor (or a group of colleagues) can go online and mark the exemplar work.

How to use it: Three easy steps

  • Step 1: Nominate the ‘Lead Assessor’. They will have access to the exemplar work. For example, this could be the Head of Maths or the Head of Science.
  • Step 2: Ensure the Lead Assessor is registered with Edexcel Online. If you're a registered centre, contact your centre's Edexcel Online administrator who can set you up with an account. If your centre is not yet registered, please nominate an Edexcel Online administrator and ask them to contact us.
  • Step 3: Register for the consultancy service by selecting 'GQ OSCA' from the Edexcel Online menu.

Please note that if you used the consultancy service last year, there's no need to register again - you can use the same login details.

Will I gain accreditation by marking the exemplar work?

No. The consultancy service available through OSCA for GCSE Science is to provide centres with reference materials so they can practise marking and develop an understanding of standards and assessment.