Support with AO2 and A03

We've produced two new publications to support you with some of the newer assessment requirements within Edexcel GCSE Mathematics.

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They're intended specifically to support the new assessment objectives AO2 and AO3, which collectively account for about half the marks on any given examination paper or unit:

  • AO2 – Select and apply mathematical methods in a range of contexts (25-30%)

  • AO3 – Interpret and analyse problems and generate strategies to solve them (15-25%).

These publications look at questions from the Unit 1 and Unit 2 June 2011 Foundation and Higher examination papers for the Edexcel GCSE Mathematics B 2MB01 specification that assess AO2 and/or AO3. They show real student responses to some of these questions, and the examining team follow the mark schemes to give you some commentary on why the students have been awarded the marks that they have.

These publications can also be used to support teachers delivering the Edexcel GCSE Mathematics A 1MA0 specification.