Extra teaching resources

You may find these additional teaching resources useful in your delivery of Edexcel GCSE ICT.

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Resources for Unit 1

The resources below are designed to aid collaboration and inform and inspire your students.

Website Description Link
Edmodo A social learning network created specially for classroom communication. Can be used to open discussion, post materials, share links and videos. www.edmodo.com
IT Ambassadors Connect with those working in the communications and IT sector. Aims to support teachers and young people in understanding what the IT sector does, how it works and what technologies it uses. www.itambassadors.org.uk
Tea-time briefing resource library

These resources were used in our tea-time briefings on Unit 2 standardisation and Exploring digital design.

Unit 2 standardisation: Exemplar work - Candidate C

Unit 2 standardisation: Moderator's commentary on Candidate C's work