Switching support

We know that choosing a new awarding body is a big decision. 

So, as part of our support package designed to make the move to us as simple and stress-free as possible, we've created some new videos to provide you with a little extra guidance. 

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An overview of the support we offer you when you teach our Modern Languages GCSEs.


Explore the themes in our Modern Languages GCSEs.

Papers 1 and 2

We talk you through the first two papers in our Modern Languages GCSEs: Listening and Speaking.

Role play

We discuss the role play in Paper 2 (speaking).

The picture-based task

We discuss the picture-based task in our Modern Languages GCSEs.


We focus on how to approach the conversation element of the speaking paper (Paper 2).

Reading and writing

Explore the reading and writing papers of our Modern Languages GCSEs.