This page will give you an overview of the process for Functional Skills onscreen on-demand tests.

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For Functional Skills onscreen on-demand tests taking place from 9 May 2016 onwards, we will receive your test dates and timings when you complete your test bookings, so you do not need to complete a separate Functional Skills paper-based test notification form.

After receiving your test bookings, if you have been selected for an inspection visit, we will contact you to obtain the test venue and confirm the date and time of the test.

Further information about the test inspection process

On the day of the test, you may be contacted by one of our appointed test inspectors. The test inspector will be in possession of a test inspector identity letter which will allow you to verify their identity and give you an opportunity to call us directly to confirm that the inspector has been scheduled to visit your centre. You must allow the test inspector access to your test venue, and provide them with the information they require.

The test inspector will complete a test inspection visit report which will outline the findings from the test inspection visit. You will be issued with a copy of the test inspection visit report within five working days of the visit.

Where a test inspector is unable to gain access, we will follow this up with you.

Please ensure that test managers and invigilators are aware of this process and understand that they may receive an inspection visit.