Initial Assessment Tool (IAT)

Our free Initial Assessment Tool (IAT) can help teachers and tutors decide which level of Functional Skills English and maths a learner should study.

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The Initial Assessment Tool for Edexcel Functional Skills in English and mathematics has been developed to help screen a learner’s existing skills, giving an indication of their ability in these areas from Entry Level 1 up to Level 2. 

Learners sit an assessment of 20 questions, taking a maximum of one hour. On completion, both teacher and learner will have a broad idea of what level will be an achievable challenge during their course of study. The IAT can also be used as part of Information Advice and Guidance practice.

We’ve improved the Initial Assessment Tool to make it more adaptive to your learners' abilities and alter the types of questions it asks according to learners' answers in the first half of the assessment. 

It complements other initial assessment instruments that might be available to you but that are not specifically designed to assess Edexcel Functional Skills.

Please note: This is not a full diagnostic tool and is not intended to replace any commercially produced product. The Edexcel Functional Skills IAT will give your learner a broad idea of what level they are operating at, but this should not be taken as an indication of what level of Edexcel Functional Skills test they will pass. This is not a practice test and we strongly recommend that learners follow a suitable programme of delivery and learning before they are entered for live assessments. 

For more information and guidance on how to make use of the IAT, see the Initial Assessment Tool deliverer's guide below.

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