If you’ve found that your A level History results weren’t what you expected, or you feel that you lack the necessary information to help you teach, you might want to consider moving to Edexcel.

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Thinking of moving to Edexcel? 

We've had a fantastic response from teachers to the hugely popular approach that we developed for both our new AS/A level and GCSE specifications. We're proud that as an exam board we are upfront and transparent about what you can expect from us, and we know from feedback that teachers delivering our specifications appreciate this too.

We’ve also listened to feedback on our summer papers and commissioned our own research to ensure that we continue to deliver on our commitment to provide the best possible support for the future of history education.

As a result, our topic booklets and schemes of work now provide greater clarity over the depth and breadth to teach to. We've put on extra mocks marking and coursework marking training events to meet demand around the country. We're dedicated to getting our assessments right for all learners, and have issued extra guidance about approaches to exam technique and support with coursework.

With Mark Battye, our experienced subject advisor, the whole team here at Pearson and our comprehensive support package, we’re ready to help make switching from your current awarding organisation as easy as possible.

Why are so many history teachers choosing Edexcel?

In addition to receiving the highly praised level of support produced by our team of experts, by choosing to switch to Edexcel AS and A level History you’ll be able to benefit from:

  • free choice of coursework topic that allows you to overlap with content from each paper* 
  • a specification that tells you exactly what you need to teach, and provides the breadth and depth of support you need to teach it
  • textbook for every topic, together with free topic guides and schemes of work.

We’re here to help

It's easy to start teaching our specification, and you’ll find the free teaching and learning materials below and the dedicated support from our team of experts will help make your switch to Edexcel as easy as possible.

Teaching and learning materials

To help you get started we’ve provided the following key documents to ensure that you have all the support that you need in one place, including a Getting Started Guide, schemes of work and topic booklets: 

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You’ll also find all of these resources and more on our course materials pages.

Next steps

If you’re interested in moving to Edexcel, please complete our online Intention To Offer form so that we can support your move right from the start:

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Need some advice?

If you’re interested in moving to Edexcel, or would just like to talk to us about switching, please complete our thinking of switching form so that we can support you with your decision:

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Ask our expert Subject Advisor  

Our team of experts is always ready to help. You can get in touch with our History Subject Advisor, Mark Battye:

You can also use our Ask the Expert service.

For extra information and History-related news, sign up to Mark’s History Subject Advisor Updates.

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Find out more from our events

Come along to one of our training events where you can network with colleagues and meet the Edexcel History team.

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Find out more about the specification content and assessment by downloading the documents from our Getting Ready To Teach events. 

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