Find out about Pearson’s Self-Regulated Framework (SRF), which establishes standards for the qualifications we certificate.  

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The SRF provides guidance and support to help learners achieve their learning and development goals for qualifications they choose to take that sit outside any nationally regulated framework.

These qualifications may be suitable for learners whose needs cannot be met by any national framework (for example, to meet a local need). However, they do not automatically enable learners to progress and they are rarely publicly funded. 

What are the benefits of Pearson’s SRF?

The SRF lets you design the qualification that best meets your learners’ needs. Your qualifications can be composed from existing regulated BTEC units. See the available qualifications.

Alternatively, they can be built from brand new units specifically designed for your particular needs or units you have written.

Your organisation can certificate on a small or large block of learning, and can customise qualifications to specific employment or industry needs. The qualifications can provide the knowledge, skills and understanding that underpin a particular sector in the National Occupational Standards.

The level of your qualifications can be mapped across a range of frameworks. 

SRF policy and Quality Assurance Handbook

The Pearson SRF Quality Assurance Handbook explains our external quality assurance processes for Pearson SRF qualifications. All staff involved in delivery, assessment and verification of qualifications on the SRF should read and understand the handbook.

You should also refer to the Self-Regulated Framework policy on our Policies page.

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Next steps

To find out more about how to start working with us to develop customised
qualifications, see the customised qualifications approval page.