From gaining centre approval through to planning your course, writing assignments and getting ready to teach, this section gives an overview of the support available to help you plan and deliver BTEC Firsts with confidence.

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Centre approval

All schools and colleges planning to deliver BTEC Firsts need to gain centre and qualification approval. This process ensures we put in place the support you need for effective planning, delivery and assessment of BTEC First programmes.

Vocational qualification approvals 

Build your BTEC team

To deliver any BTEC First successfully, you need to have the right team in place, including the:

  • Quality Nominee – the main point of contact for BTEC quality and standards

  • Lead Internal Verifier – the point of sign-off for assessment and verification in a Principal Subject Area

  • Programme leader – the person with overall responsibility for effective delivery and assessment of BTEC Firsts

  • Assessors and internal verifiers – teachers and tutors responsible for the delivery, assessment and internal verification of BTEC First programmes.

Learn more about the roles and responsibilities within the BTEC team in our quality assurance pages.

Planning and delivery

We have a range of teaching and support tools to help you plan and deliver with confidence. The materials are tailored to the needs of each individual specification, and can include:

  • Specification: Defines the qualification, providing a clear overview of the unit-by-unit content and learning outcomes. This is available for all BTEC Firsts.

  • Sample assessment materials (SAMs): Examples of external assessments and mark schemes to help you prepare with confidence. These are available for all next generation BTEC Firsts.

Course materials

You can access all course materials on the individual specification pages – just go to Subjects A-Z and select the specification that best meets your needs.

  • Delivery guide: A companion to the specification for next generation BTEC Firsts containing ideas for practical activities, advice and tips. 

  • Sample schemes of work: Available for core units, they provide an overview of what's covered in each unit, broken down by topic.

  • Getting Started Guide: A step-by-step guide to planning, delivery and assessment for next generation BTEC Firsts.

  • Pearson Authorised Assignment Briefs: A range of assignment briefs for next generation BTEC Firsts which you can use ‘off the shelf’ or edit and adapt to suit your course.

  • Exemplar material: Graded examples for next generation BTEC Firsts providing guidance on what is expected to achieve Pass, Merit and Distinction.

  • Study skills activities: A range of case studies and activities for next generation BTEC Firsts to help learners develop the study skills they need for their BTEC course.

Support services and events

  • Subject Advisors: Our teaching services team provides a forum to discuss and share subject-related issues and challenges, and offers advice and solutions to queries about all BTEC First qualifications. You'll find the contact details for your subject on each specification page.

  • myBTEC: This online toolkit streamlines planning, delivery and assessment, and is free to access if you're an approved BTEC centre in the UK. Services include a course planning tool and support for creating assignments. Learn more about myBTEC.
  • Assignment checking service: A free support service to help you ensure that your assignments are fit for purpose. It's available for both BTEC Firsts (QCF) and next generation BTEC Firsts. Learn more about our Assignment checking service.

  • Getting Ready to Teach events: These sessions provide teachers and tutors new to next generation BTEC Firsts (NQF) with guidance on assignment design and best practice for delivery and assessment.

Notice to centres in Wales, NI and international: substituting legislation references

Find out about substituting unit content with reference to legislation, policies, regulations and organisations in your country:

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