Find out more about BTEC Higher Apprenticeships and how they’re helping employers to build the workforce of the future.  

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What are BTEC Higher Apprenticeships?

Backed by major government investment, Higher Apprenticeships are a direct response to employer demand for candidates with higher-level skills. Delivered at levels 4 and above, they represent the highest level available in the Apprenticeship framework.

Pearson’s renowned BTEC Higher Nationals qualifications can be used as part of BTEC Apprenticeships at levels 4 and 5, as well as covering the content of many apprenticeship standards. With the widespread recognition of BTEC Higher Nationals by higher education institutions, in addition to the completed apprenticeship, your successful learners will have excellent progression prospects both in education and employment.

BTEC Higher Apprenticeships combine respected BTEC Higher Nationals, BTEC Professional qualifications or Edexcel Diplomas, on-the-job training and industry endorsement from employers, leaders and professional bodies. They offer a clear path to employment and a practical route to higher education qualifications.

Built on the core BTEC values of flexibility, employability, progression and quality, they are a clearly defined part of the wider BTEC portfolio, allowing learners to take advantage of progression opportunities from other BTEC programmes.

What sectors are BTEC Higher Apprenticeships available in?

BTEC Higher Apprenticeships cover a range of different sectors – from Accounting to Public Relations, as well as cross-industry roles such as Leadership and Management.

They are currently available in:

  • Accountancy and Finance
  • Automotive
  • Business Skills
  • Cleaning and Facilities Management
  • Construction and the Built Environment
  • Creative Industries
  • Customer Service and Contact Centres
  • Engineering, Processing and Manufacturing
  • Hospitality, Travel and Tourism
  • IT and Telecoms
  • Science
  • Team Leading and Management
  • Transport and Logistics

Why choose BTEC Higher Apprenticeships?

BTEC Higher Apprenticeships give individuals the chance to study while they work and gain nationally recognised qualifications, while helping employers to develop skilled, up-to-date employees for their industries. Leading UK employers from Burberry to Unilever have chosen to train their apprentices the BTEC way because:

  • BTEC Higher Apprenticeships are endorsed by professional industry bodies such as the Institute of Mechanical Engineering (ImechE), Society of Biology, Royal Society of Chemistry, PRCA and the Royal Aeronautical Society.

  • They include Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for England (SASE) and Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for Wales (SASW) approved, fit for purpose qualifications developed alongside Sector Skills Councils (SSC).

  • We continually refine our BTEC Higher Apprenticeships to ensure that they meet the needs of both apprentices and employers, with a real focus on business results.

  • Our frameworks are flexible and designed to ensure that apprentices can learn on the job and become productive at work as quickly as possible.

  • They allow a completely holistic delivery with a choice of assessment methods to suit the type of apprentice and business.

  • We use the latest technology, such as on-screen testing, to make learning more interesting, enabling apprentices to progress speedily through the qualifications.

  • Our BTEC Higher Apprenticeships can be delivered by employers with minimum reliance on external consultants, minimising disruption to their business.

  • We supply an extensive range of learning and support materials across a number of sectors to enable efficient, successful delivery.

  • Centres have access to face-to-face and online support as well as a dedicated Apprenticeship Standards Verifier (SV).

BTEC Higher Apprenticeships cover a range of different sectors. Although the characters of the individual sectors are different, each Higher Apprenticeship Framework is structured in response to industry needs and the requirements of the SASE.

Higher Apprenticeships are designed so that skills and competence are observed on the job, so an apprentice’s daily output helps them to qualify. You can be assessed by the person who knows your work best – your line manager - who can confirm that you have reached the required standard, or we can provide an external assessor. In either case the assessment of knowledge and competency is externally verified by Pearson.

BTEC Higher Apprenticeships are an attractive alternative to university for higher-level study, but they also give apprentices the chance to go on to gain professional qualifications or top up to a BA, Bsc or BEng Honours degree.

Progression opportunities may vary depending on the routes available within the individual sector. They could include:

  • higher-level professional qualifications
  • higher education, including part-time study, to undertake a degree or a master’s degree
  • further employment opportunities within their current job role or with another employer
  • individual membership of professional bodies.

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