To ensure the success of your apprenticeships, put the apprentice at the heart of your programme and design and build in effective line management for them.

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Managing apprentices - best practice

Young apprentices with no prior experience of the working world will need pastoral care from their line manager or mentor as well as training in how to do their job.

Providing the right practical support and guidance to an apprentice will help ensure they settle in well, develop with your organisation and help contribute to the success of your business.

Managing and mentoring an apprentice is a great development opportunity for your existing workforce, especially for people who do not currently have people management responsibilities.

Providing you are able to give them the support they need, the responsibility will help them to develop their management and leadership skills. It also helps your organisation to develop its identity and organisational values.

Essentials for effective management of apprentices

  • Provide a well thought-through induction. If they are 18 or below then Child Protection under Safeguarding is a must. 
  • Ensure that every apprentice receives an appropriate risk assessment and training.
  • Give apprentices a clear outline of expectations and a safe supportive environment to learn and develop.
  • Encouraging them from the start to own and drive their programme targets and to seek regular feedback to self-assess their performance.
  • Up-skill and develop line managers so they can coach their apprentice and act as a role model.
  • Put a workplace learning mentor in place to further enhance the experience, adding and creating a proactive environment that builds on their eagerness, motivation and commitment.
  • The apprentice’s manager should set clear work plans, provide informal coaching, ongoing feedback and evaluate tasks undertaken to aid the apprentice’s development.
  • Link professional development to the apprenticeship content and update in line with career aspirations. This ensures the apprenticeship is relevant to the apprentice, the line manager and the business.