We can help with planning your apprenticeship programme. By understanding your needs and suggesting ways to adapt your current strategy we’ll help you maximise your levy payment.

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Recruitment and selection

The process of hiring apprentices is critical. Screening of potential applicants using a number of cognitive ability tests and personality instruments can be highly predictive of performance in a job role. Pearson’s talent assessment tools help assess an individual’s abilities, personality traits, behaviour, motivation and values, as well as how these align with your organisational culture and values.

We offer a range of assessment tools to suit your requirements:

  • cognitive ability assessments
  • golden personality profiler
  • Watson Glaser Test of critical thinking ability
  • SOSIE personality and value assessment tests.

Mapping your programme

As an employer committed to training and development, you will have existing learning programmes being delivered within your organisation. Our mapping service aligns your existing organisational learning programme to the new apprenticeship standards. To simplify the training delivery, we have a range of learning content to complement any potential gaps identified from this mapping exercise.

Training and assessment support

We provide a range of training and assessment support resources to help your staff and/or training provider deliver the apprenticeship learning programme. We also provide assessor qualifications to support your staff to upskill themselves.

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