New public services qualifications now available

25 September 2014

Our new BTEC Specialist Level 2 qualifications in Teamwork and Personal Development in the Community are now available for learner registration. 

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The Pearson BTEC Level 2 Certificate, Extended Certificate and Diploma in Teamwork and Personal Development in the Community have been designed for learners who are working or looking to work in the community, either in a voluntary capacity or through employment.

These qualifications can be taken alongside training provided within the voluntary sector or within uniformed organisations.

Many who enter the voluntary sector will have had limited success in formal qualifications in the past. These qualifications will allow them to work towards a nationally recognised accredited BTEC qualification alongside training and development in a specific context that they have chosen. It will give many young people the opportunity to progress to level 3 qualifications and beyond – something they would not otherwise have been able to achieve.

These qualifications have been designed to give learners the opportunity to:

  • develop knowledge related to the voluntary sector
  • develop skills that are valuable for those working in the community, many of which are the skills valued by employers
  • achieve a nationally-recognised Pearson BTEC level 2 qualification
  • develop their own personal growth and engagement in learning.

The qualifications and units are at pass grade. All units are assessed by centre-devised assessment (internal assessment).


Credit value


Age ranges

Certificate (601/4068/9)



Pre-16, 16-18, 19+

Extended Certificate (601/4184/0)



Pre-16, 16-18, 19+

Diploma (601/4067/7)



Pre-16, 16-18, 19+

Progression opportunities

These qualifications will equip learners with the skills and knowledge recognised as important by society and employers while learning in a volunteering context. They will support their development and preparation for progression into employment in the future, either directly or after further education.

Having completed the Pearson BTEC Level 2 qualification(s) in Teamwork and Personal Development in the Community learners could progress to level 3 qualifications or to entry level employment in various sectors. Learners may also explore opportunities for entry to uniformed services as long as they meet entry criteria requirements. 

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