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30 July 2014

Read frequently asked questions about skills qualifications, including Functional Skills, Skilled for Life, MySkills and Home Cooking Skills.

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Do centres need to use the new specifications for all the recently extended programmes?

All centres that have new students registered must use the new specifications for first teaching in September 2013.

I need to deliver a financial type qualification. What do you offer?

We offer the Level 1 and 2 Money and Finance Skills qualification, which recognises the inclusion of financial education in the curriculum from September 2014.

Find out more about Level 1 and 2 Money and Finance Skills

We also offer financial capability resources to help students build confidence and competence in a range of areas such as budgeting, careers, currency, financial documents, saving, investing and assessing risk.

The website contains dedicated guidance for teachers with tips, curriculum links, extension suggestions and advice. All resources are quick and easy to use, yet comprehensive and flexible enough to adapt to all students' needs.

To help your students complete the course, we have developed free student logbooks, one for each level. These writable PDFs can be saved into the learner's individual file area and completed in their own time or printed out and kept in a folder. They are ideal for teaching mixed ability classes as it allows tutors to design whole class activities. Learners can complete either the level 1 or 2 logbook.

See our Nationwide resources

Is it true that there are new funding rules for 19+?

Yes. The Skills Funding Agency (SFA) has introduced new rules to make sure the qualifications it funds are relevant to employers and learners, supporting skills needed both now and in the future, to close skills gaps, drive up economic success and help people engage with and remain in work.

The rules apply to any new qualifications released from February 2014 and will apply to all qualifications from 2014-15. Find out more.

My Entry and Level 1 qualifications are being reviewed. What does this mean?

We're in the process of extending a number of our Entry and Level 1 qualifications that are due for review this year.

We've posted the full list of qualifications affected and their new extension dates. Qualifications will be grouped according to sector, so you can find the qualifications that relate to your current curriculum.

Here is the full list of qualifications with review dates.

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Functional Skills

How do I make registrations for Functional Skills?

To gain approval for Functional Skills, please go on to Edexcel Online and then you can start making registrations. If you're an existing centre, you should have automatic approval.

For practical information about delivering Functional Skills, see the Information Manual.

Are there sample assessment papers available? 

Sample assessment materials and the specifications are available on our website. There are also question papers from previous sessions/academic years on the Functional Skills pages, with corresponding mark schemes and examiner reports.

Find more information on the Functional Skills page

When can I make test entries?

You can make entries for the paper-based sessions without late fees up to three weeks prior to the test date. You can make entries for the onscreen tests and ICT on-demand tests up to two hours before you wish to sit the test, provided that learner's details are already registered.

Test entries apply only to level 1 and 2. There is no requirement at entry level.

WorkSkills and MySkills

Do WorkSkills and MySkills qualifications count for the reformed Schools Accountability Measures?

WorkSkills and MySkills qualifications are not included in the Department for Education 2014 list of approved qualifications for Key Stage 4 performance measures, so they will not be included in the reformed performance tables.

They are still valuable qualifications, imparting useful skills to learners, and helping to meet their broader needs. From 2015, it's intended that broader data to support broader progression will be made available through a 'data portal'.

How do I register for OSCA (BTEC courses only)?

Access to OSCA is through your Edexcel Online account. Details can be found on the OSCA section of our website.

What is Skilled for Life and how can I use it in my centre?

Skilled for Life is a complete toolkit comprising units of learning, accompanying teaching and learning resources, optional behavioural diagnostic and job search tools and initial assessment tools in English, maths and ICT. Flexibility is the main feature - whatever the needs of your learners, however you want to deliver training, the toolkit will allow you to build a course that's just right for you.

Skilled for Life offers:

  • Access to a dedicated online service to build a flexible programme tailored for each learner.
  • A substantial bank of QCF-accredited units which can lead to qualifications.
  • Teaching and learning resources to cover selected key units in Skilled for Life areas of learning from Entry Level 3 to Level (Level 2 coming soon). 
Home Cooking Skills qualifications

What is the registration deadline date for Home Cooking Skills?

There is no closing date as you can start the course at any time.


How do you register as a Lead Internal Verifier?

In order to register as a Lead Internal Verifier, you need an account with the appropriate level of access for Edexcel Online. Your Edexcel Online administrator, usually your exams officer, will be able to do this.

How do you withdraw the Lead Internal Verifier registration?

If you need to change a Lead Internal Verifier registration before the end of the academic year, your centre's quality nominee should send a request to

You can request a change of Lead Internal Verifier during the academic year if a Lead Internal Verifier: 

  • is incapacitated or on long term absence
  • has left your centre
  • has not yet attempted online standardisation.

You cannot change a QCF Lead Internal Verifier if they have:

  • attempted online standardisation and not gained accreditation
  • been through standards verification and not gained accreditation
  • lost their accredited status through confirmation sampling.

Can I transfer my accreditation to another centre?

Yes. The accreditation is awarded to an individual and not the centre. Please email with your details to transfer your accreditation


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