Edexcel GCSE Music: November 2017 update

27 November 2017

Read the latest news for Edexcel GCSE Music. This will include key dates and the latest information.

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Administrative support guide and authentication forms

The Administrative Support Guide and the authentication forms for performing and composing are now available online to download. The ASG details everything you need to know to submit each component for GCSE Music and you and your Exams Officer should read this so there isn't a danger of disadvantaging your candidates.

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Exam structure

There have been some queries about the structure of the appraising component exam as you prepare mock exams. This will be similar to the legacy specification with 1 minute reading time at the beginning of each question, 30 seconds between each extract and 3 minutes to complete answers for questions in section A. Section B will be structured so that each extract is heard 3 times in the format ABABAB. There will be one minute between extract A and B, and two minutes between extract B and the next playing of extract A.

Difficulty levels

If you are unsure of the difficulty level of any pieces and they are not included in the difficulty level booklet it is possible to email either a score or professional recording and the Principal Moderator will determine the level of difficulty. Please include details of your centre, qualification, title, composer and which part you would like the difficulty level for.

Email your queries for difficulty levels to ate@pearson.com

There is currently a large volume of request being made to this service and we will reply as soon as possible, although this may be longer than the usual two working days for the Ask The Expert service.


There are still places available on some of the training events for GCSE Music and you can book your place online.

Book your place on a GCSE Training course

If you can't find an event to book on to it is possible to arrange centre-based training. Further details about centre-based training can be found on the website.

Find out about centre-based training

Key Dates

Date Event
21 February 2018 Deadline for entries in the June 2018 exam series
15 May 2018 Final date for submission of coursework marks and moderation samples
6 June 2018 1MU0/03 Appraising Exam
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