Edexcel A level Music and Music Technology: October 2017 update

Fri Oct 27 07:49:00 UTC 2017

Read the latest information on Edexcel A level Music and Music Technology, including key dates and latest news.

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Administrative support guide and authentication forms

The Administrative Support Guide and the authentication forms for performing and composing are now available online to download. The ASG details everything you need to know to submit each component for A level Music and you and your Exams Officer should read this so there isn't a danger of disadvantaging your candidates.

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We are looking for centres to help us provide exemplar material for the new specification of Music Technology and Music.

If your centre is running either the new AS or A level course from September and you are running projects using the sample assessment material, especially for A level component 2, we would like to hear from you if you could provide some student work that could be used as exemplar material.

For Music we would like exemplars of compositions based on the briefs assessing technique from the SAMs. If you have any student work for these briefs it would be very much appreciated. If you are interested please email teachingmusic@pearson.com


We now have dates available for training events for mocks marking training for the appraising component of the new specification and online feedback for each of the components in the new AS level Music specification. 

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Key Dates

Date Event
7 November 2017 Certificates should arrive in centres
21 February 2018 Deadline for entries in the June 2017 exam series
1 April 2018 9MU0/02 A level Music (2016) Briefs Assessing Techniques received by centres in hard copy format only
1 April 2018 6MU05 A level Music (2008) Technical Study briefs received by centres in hard copy format only for resit purposes only
15 May 2018 Final date for submission of coursework, marks and moderation samples
22 May 2018 8MU0/03 AS level Music (2016): Appraising exam
22 May 2018 6MU03 AS level Music (2008): Developing Musical Understanding exam
24 May 2018 8MT0/03 AS level Music Technology (2017): Listening and analysing exam
24 May 2018 6MT02 AS level Music Technology (2008): Listening and Analysing exam
1 June 2018 8MT0/01 and 9MT0/01 AS and A level Music Technology (2017) Recording briefs released online for assessment in summer 2019
6 June 2018 8MT0/04 AS level Music Technology (2017): Producing and analysing exam
6 June 2018 6MT04 A level Music Technology (2008): Analysing and Producing exam
18 June 2018 9MU0/03 A level Music (2016): Appraising exam
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