Accessing your GCSE moderator reports this summer - 2014

29 July 2014

From results day, you can download centre-specific moderator feedback for the GCSE controlled assessment (speaking) units.

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This doesn't apply to the GCSE controlled assessments for the writing unit as these are marked by examiners and are not moderated.

How to download your individual centre's moderator report

If you have submitted coursework or controlled assessment in the summer 2014 series, your moderator will have written a short report (E9) that provides general feedback on marking and administration.

  1. To download your report go to Edexcel Online and sign in using your username and password. If you've forgotten your password, you can generate a reminder by selecting 'forgotten password'.
  2. Once you're logged in under your centre, select the relevant qualification (for example, GCSE) from the top left-hand menu.Edexcel Online
  3. Then click on the 'Results' tab on the left-hand side of the page and select 'Moderator Reports'. (If your centre hasn't given you formal access to 'Results' in your Edexcel Online profile then you will not see the 'Results' tab. In this instance, please ask your exams officer to change your profile or email us at providing your centre number.)
  4. Now select the relevant examination series, your subject and press 'Submit'. You will get a message saying that the report will be in your 'mailbox' within two hours. However, the report normally takes only five minutes to appear in your mailbox.Edexcel Online
  5. Go to your mailbox to download the report.
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Your moderator will have provided some feedback for you, possibly highlighting good practice or advising if it was necessary to adjust your centre's marks.

How to download the Principal Moderator Report

In addition to the E9 report, you can also download the Principal Moderator Report for the controlled assessment speaking unit. This is a language-specific report for all centres and contains detailed advice and guidance.

Principal Moderator Reports are available on ResultsPlus from results day. If you've forgotten your password, you can generate a reminder from Edexcel Online.

The reports will also be available on the language-specific GCSE homepages from 26 August for Edexcel GCSEs in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Urdu. You'll need to look under the 'Exam Reports' tab and will be asked to sign in using your Edexcel Online username and password.

Watch the video on our Moderator reports page to find out more about how to download your moderator report, see more information about our Results and post-results services and, if you have any queries about your moderator reports, please email

If you experience issues trying to access the documents, please remember the following:

  • Check your level of access to Edexcel Online (EOL) as not all of those with accounts will have been granted access to the full range of services (which includes access to results). You can check your level of access with your exams officer.
  • You will not be able to access certain documents if a pop-up blocker is in use. Pop-up blockers should be disabled to access to exam documents.
  • You will need to have Flash installed on your computer to make full use of ResultsPlus. If you're not sure if Flash is installed or if you have the latest version, contact your IT department.
  • Apple iPads and iPhones don't support Flash so you may not be able to access ResultsPlus this way.
  • Access to documents such as the E9 moderator report via ResultsPlus is not instant and may take some time to be sent through to your ResultsPlus mailbox, particularly during busy periods such as results day. Please check your ResultsPlus mailbox periodically after requesting a document.

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